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Cardano Evolution

The CardanoEvo (cEvo) project has been running since May 2021. As well as delivering over $1/4Million worth of Cardano rewards to investors thus far, our project continues to evolve. Since inception, we have launched our website, our EvoDashboard and our Merchandise Store.

Further developments have seen the successful launch of our Dex exchange – EvoSwap; and our own token being listed on further exchanges such as Coinsbit.

We are tracked listed at,

Track listed at,

Track listed at Coinbase and,

Track listed by Trustwallet.

Our team have begun their doxxing process on the website; and are actively engaged with the community every day. Social channels have been successfully launched on Telegram, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with followings increasing daily. The project is listed on many minor listing sites and applications have been submitted to two  more of the major ones. The most recent project developments have delivered listings at Coinranking and the publication of our first major audit by TechAudit. We continue to grow and progress, with coding work for our EvoNFT marketplace well underway.

We are a community-led project, delivering the will of our investors in a professional, ethical, legitimate and effective manner.

We are CardanoEvo; long-term and progressive.


Cardano Evolution, the first in the ‘Evolution’ ecosystem, is a frictionless yield and liquidity generation smart contract which applies a 15% fee to each buy transaction; and 17% to each sell or wallet transfer. This transaction fee is split into four portions which serve separate functions

This is how the community, the contract and the reflections interact with each other on this specific environment.

  1. Investors provide capital into the project
  2. A tax for each buy or sell transaction is collected
  3. Part of the taxes get elaborated by the buyback system
  4. 7% of the previously collected taxes gets swapped into Cardano and redistributed among holders


These distinct contract functions work in harmony to ensure the consistent stabilization of a token’s price & market capitalization. When these features are all used together within a token contract, whales are effectively unable to cause huge price drops, and work to protect the token from the inevitable panic sell-offs occurring directly after.

$ADA Reflections

Each hour accumulated Cardano go directly to holders wallet

Price Drop Prevention System

The value of each transaction cannot exceed the 0.15%

Marketing Wallet

This ensures growth of the project and future team expansion

Anti Bot System

An excellent anti-bot function is embedded in the contract

Auto Added Liquidity

3% of each transaction go into LP providing a stable experience


Manual burn of tokens collected by the contract


EvoSwap is a decentralised exchange (DEX). The system allows you to swap between tokens on the Binance Smart Contract.

This is the first stage in the EvoSwap system; in preparation for future staking and further pairings, which will be added in due course.

How to buy CardanoEvo GUIDE

Here is a quick guide on how to buy CardanoEvo using Trustwallet:

  • Download the Trustwallet App from your OS Store
  • Buy BNBs on an Exchange of your choice (Ex. Binance)
  • Go to dApp section and select Pancakeswap
  • Swap your BNBs for CardanoEvo (cEvo) by using the contract address:


Tokenomics token

Token Distribution

Tokenomics Tax


Phase 1

Token design & collaboration with associate contract designers ☑

Project Leadership Team Confirmed ☑

Draft Whitepaper created and Roadmap Created ☑

Telegram Message Main, International and Ancillary boards created ☑

Influencer negotiations started ☑

Phase 2

Website design launch ☑

Social Media accounts created ☑

Whitepaper release ☑

Contract testing complete ☑

Awareness marketing campaign ☑

AMAs on huge Telegram groupchats ☑

Fairlaunch ☑

CoinMarketCap Application submission ☑

Coingecko Application submission ☑

Cardano News Blog ☑

Begin Coding for EvoSwap DEX ☑

Begin Coding for EvoNFT Marketplace ☑

Phase 3

Launch Of daily AMAs ☑

Blockfolio Application ☑

Minor listings (Coinhunt – Gemfinder etc) ☑

Poocoin Ads ☑

BSC Application ☑

Coinsbit listing ☑

CoinMarketCap listing ☑

Dextools improved rating Ads

Dextools Ads

Press Releases Throughout News Outlets

First donation to Cardano Foundation

Launch EvoSwap DEX

Launch EvoNFT Marketplace

Phase 4

Launch Of Leadership Team video Marketing Campaign

Further Partnership Developments

Further Exchange Listings

Website update

Team Branded Video Series

Community Surveys for further project development

Phase 5

More to come.


Community Manager
Programming and Project Lead
Web Design and Digital Marketing

Marketing Team


Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided answers to the most asked questions regarding CardanoEvo.

There is a tutorial on our website. We will also be uploading a "How to buy video" on the Telegram board soon.

You can use our Dashboard to keep track of your rewards. Check the top Menu.

Reach out to any admin, using the contact form below, for assistance. we are always seeking new applicants! You will need to have a minimum token’s holding and have moderation experience.

Contact CardanoEvo CONTACT

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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