Investing in just a token, or joining a community?


Investing in just a token, or joining a community?

There are golden rules in the crypto world….

1. Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

2. Do your own research (DYOR) before you invest.

3. Never dry your socks in a toaster.

Ok, so I made the third one up. Every investor should know that DYOR means ‘Do-Your-Own-Research’. This means looking into the project in detail; making sure that it is a good long-term investment for them, has Tokenomics they are happy with and will give the return on investment they are looking for, and in time frame they desire.

Unfortunately, one of our would-be investors (I’ll call him Bob to save his embarrassment), being new to crypto trading, didn’t follow rule number two and, rather than use Pancakeswap to make his purchase, sent his BnB directly into the contract address using Metamask. Sadly, when this happens, it is impossible to retrieve those funds once sent. (It would be very dodgy if Devs were able to do this).

Bob, posted in the cEvo community Tg chat what had happened and was given the bad news that his money was lost. Despite his cries for help, it just could not be done.

However, there is a better ending to Bob’s story than might first appear….

One of our VIP Top Holders saw his posts in the community chat and, taking pity on his plight, brought it to the attention of all the other VIP holders. Thinking ‘There but for the grace of God go I’, the VIPs elected to have a collection amongst themselves and donated a sizeable amount of their Cardano rewards to give to Bob, in order that he could invest in CardanoEvo after all.

I am humbled by the charitable behaviour of our CardanEvo community and the gracious way in which they have supported a fellow crypto investor when things have gone wrong for them.

The collection has been donated to Bob, who has now bought his cEvo investment and joined the CardanoEvo community. ❤️

And a new pair of socks!

Community Manager
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