Announcing the next phase in our project.


We are pleased to announce that the CardanoEvo project has progressed still further and we are now ready to launch the hub token of the Evolution Eco-system. The ‘hub’ contract – Evolution (Evo) has now been coded and passed initial testing; and is therefore ready to reveal to our community.

Whilst CardanoEvo will retain its governance over the eco-system and be required to trade on our NFT marketplace, the advantages that the hub contract brings to CardanoEvo are:

🔹Liquidity – The Evo contract, through its’ variable buyback system, will be able to deliver liquidity into the CardanoEvo contract.

🔹Deflation – As the Evo contract triggers its variable buyback system, the CardanoEvo tokens that it buys will automatically be burned.

🔹Volume – By its nature, the Evo variable buyback system will substantially increase the CardanoEvo trading volume, which will increase the attraction to the major listing sites.

Evolution (Evo) will be launched through presale in the very near future and, in addition to its features that support CardanoEvo; it has contract features that make it a sound investment in its own right.

Evolution (Evo) will enable the staking of tokens in our eco-system whilst receiving their rewards at the same time; and will facilitate the trading of NFTs in our EvoNFT marketplace. But there is more…..

As well as taxations providing liquidity, reflections, marketing, Variable buyback and project development, it has a unique feature that provides a chance for investors to receive a substantial boost to their buy transactions.

It’s called EvoBoost.

💎Every 7th, 47th, 127th, 547th and 1027th purchase will trigger a boost whereby the buyer will receive 1% of the value of the previous transactions. A minimum purchase qualifies the transaction for the boost and will give the investor a 17.5% chance of triggering it. EvoBoost will be viewable on a unique dashboard, allowing investors to see how many times they have received a boost.

The Evolution project continues up towards the planets:

🔹Lead by the Devs,
🔹Supported by the Moderators,
🔹Boosted by the Community.

Join the Evolution ‘hub’ Tg group here:

Visit the Evolution (Evo) website here: (Desktop ready / Mobile version in production)